Entrepreneurs in every industry are finding value in podcasts. Whether you’re selling a high-tech product or a delightful frozen treat, there’s a wealth of information available in this format. For those in the soft serve and boba tea business, understanding the broader scope of small business trends, management practices, and innovation can significantly impact your bottom line. In this regard, podcasts are a goldmine.

Here’s a list of the top small business podcasts tailored for entrepreneurs, especially those dealing in frozen yogurt, soft serve, and boba tea.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Hosted by the acclaimed Guy Raz, this NPR podcast dives deep into the stories of entrepreneurs, innovators, and business pioneers. Through intimate conversations, listeners gain insights into the journey behind some of the world’s best-known brands.

Several episodes focus on the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s understanding the inception of ice cream empires or the intricacies behind global tea brands, you’ll find tales that resonate. Knowing how major players scaled their businesses can inspire innovation in your frozen yogurt business or the branding of your soft serve products.

Small Business Big Marketing with Tim Reid

Tim Reid combines humor, expert insights, and actionable advice in a captivating manner. He interviews successful small business owners and marketing gurus, dissecting strategies that can be replicated by listeners.

The podcast often touches upon brand differentiation. If you’re in a competitive market like frozen yogurt or boba tea, insights from this podcast can guide you on setting your brand apart, be it through a unique frozen yogurt mix or a revolutionary soft serve flavor.

The Side Hustle School with Chris Guillebeau

Not every business starts big. Chris celebrates the idea of starting small, focusing on entrepreneurs who began their ventures as side hustles.

Many frozen yogurt storefronts or boba tea shops might begin as passion projects or part-time endeavors. Learning from those who have successfully transitioned from side hustles to full-blown businesses can offer invaluable lessons in scalability and growth, even in niche areas like froyo sales.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a mastermind when it comes to generating income online. Through The Smart Passive Income Podcast, Flynn unveils online business and blogging strategies, income sources, and marketing tips, ensuring listeners can create substantial revenue online without sacrificing all their time.

E-commerce platforms have transformed the way businesses operate. As a B2B website selling frozen yogurt powder mix, the insights from Flynn’s podcast can help streamline your online operations. From optimizing product listings for soft serve mix to employing effective online marketing strategies for boba tea ingredients, this podcast provides a wealth of e-commerce knowledge.

Marketing Over Coffee with John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

Recorded in a local coffee shop every week, this podcast is a casual yet deeply informative chat about marketing tactics and strategies. Wall and Penn discuss both new and classic marketing tools, ensuring a holistic understanding for their listeners.

The world of frozen yogurt, ice cream, and boba tea is all about appealing to the senses. Engaging marketing not only introduces your frozen yogurt business to potential clients but also establishes brand loyalty. With actionable tips from Marketing Over Coffee, you can craft compelling narratives around your products, enticing both new and returning customers.

Mixergy – Startup Stories with Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner brings forward interviews with prominent entrepreneurs and founders, sharing success stories, failures, and the lessons learned from both. The podcast is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs seeking motivation and guidance.

Breaking into the frozen dessert market, be it with a unique frozen yogurt powder mix or a delectable soft serve mix, requires grit, innovation, and resilience. Warner’s candid conversations provide real-world examples of challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how they navigated them, offering both inspiration and actionable advice.

Your Content Goes eCommerce MasterPlan with Chloe Thomas

In digital marketplace, “eCommerce MasterPlan” stands out as a beacon of wisdom, curated and presented by the astute Chloe Thomas. Her adept understanding of the virtual selling space, combined with her knack for conversational interviews, makes this podcast indispensable for anyone navigating the choppy waters of online business.

Chloe converses with a mosaic of online business veterans and greenhorns, unearthing pearls of wisdom on growth blueprints, foreseeable and unforeseen e-commerce impediments, and most importantly, the armory to trounce such challenges. Each episode is a masterclass, unraveling the labyrinth that e-commerce often is, making the complex appear deceptively simple.

For those steering the ship of a B2B e-commerce platform, especially one targeting a niche like frozen yogurt mix or boba tea ingredients, this podcast can be likened to a compass. The digital marketplace metamorphoses at the drop of a hat, and Chloe’s insights act as a guide, ensuring businesses not only adapt but thrive. From ingenious tactics to bolster online conversions to strategies that amplify user engagement, Chloe’s podcast is akin to a Swiss army knife for the digital entrepreneur.

Retail Nightmares with Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle

Ever imagined a symphony where laughter intertwines with retail wisdom? “Retail Nightmares” does just that. Hosted by the vivacious duo of Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle, this podcast provides a refreshingly comedic panorama of the retail and service industry. Instead of delivering monologues of dos and don’ts, Alicia and Jessica paint the town red with anecdotes, weaving them with hands-on, tangible insights.

The brilliance of “Retail Nightmares” lies in its relatability. While the chuckles are guaranteed, the podcast talks about the bedrock of customer interactions and the intricate ballet that unfolds daily in retail stores. It’s like sitting in a café, sipping coffee, and hearing tales of the world of storefronts, where humor often serves as a buffer against challenges.

For starting businesses like frozen yogurt or boba tea, this podcast is a goldmine. Beyond the laughs lie profound takeaways on gauging customer pulses, tailoring experiences to resonate with patrons, and crafting moments that customers cherish, reminisce, and return for. In essence, “Retail Nightmares” teaches businesses the art of etching lasting imprints on customers’ memories.

The Indie Hackers Podcast

Entrepreneurship is an art, a symphony of dreams, grit, and tenacity. And “The Indie Hackers Podcast” is its ballad. Chronicling tales of entrepreneurial mavericks, the podcast serves as a mosaic of journeys, each distinct yet converging on the fulcrum of success. These are not just stories; they are testimonials of perseverance, innovation, and often, thinking that defies the norm.

While the podcast doesn’t specifically cater to the frozen yogurt aficionados, its essence is universal. It’s akin to a canvas, where every stroke, every hue, is an inspiration. For businesses, it’s a nudge to think laterally, to envision beyond the conventional, and to mold dreams into tangible realities. Whether it’s reimagining a frozen yogurt flavor or redefining the boba tea experience, the podcast stirs the cauldron of creativity, pushing businesses to transcend boundaries and carve niches of their own.

Podcasts are an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re in the initial stages of setting up your frozen yogurt storefront or looking to introduce a new boba tea flavor using your signature soft serve mix, these podcasts offer knowledge, inspiration, and insights to help you on your business journey.