Delight your tribe with the best frozen yogurt powder mix on the market

Delight your tribe with the best frozen yogurt powder mix on the market

Why Us?

Quality Assurance

All of our frozen yogurt powder mix ingredients and soft serve mixes are of high quality made in the USA. No weird fillers. No palm oil. No whey. Our milk is rBST hormone free.

Great Taste

We offer a unique and refreshingly light frozen yogurt and vegan soft serve mixes in 70+ flavors that update regularly and taste the best in the industry.

Best Margins

We have the highest yield in the frozen dessert mix industry with the least fuss. At just 8 cents per ounce on average, out frozen yogurt premixes get you the biggest return possible!

Easy Transport

Our premium frozen yogurt powder mixes need no cold chain or storage, meaning you have to spend less on electricity and space.

Wholesale Goodness

Easy Bulk Buying

We know your bottom line is the most important thing to make your frozen dessert business work. That’s why we have an easy to use online portal for wholesale buying that starts at just two boxes! Once you sign up your orders are given priority and the discounts grow with the more you buy. Shipping is FREE in the continental United States to a business address so you will never be surprised by any hidden fees. We can’t wait to make your growing frozen yogurt, boba tea, soft serve, or taiyaki business delicious and successful.

70+ Fabulous Frozen Yogurt Mix Flavors

Welcome to the frozen yogurt powder mix flavors you can’t find anywhere else! From the staple flavors we all need to run a successful business to the newest, trendiest, and funniest flavors, here is our line up for 2024 and beyond of our frozen yogurt powder mix and vegan soft serve powders. We’ve broken it up into seven different sections for you but worry not, we’ve got the same exact recipe for each one. You can buy them all directly here on our website. These frozen yogurt powder mix flavors also work great in boba tea and smoothies! Are you looking for samples of our frozen yogurt powder mixes and soft serve vegan flavors? You can go ahead and buy any of these flavors by the bag too!

Best Sellers

Sweet Success

Tropical Tastes

Berry Blast

Chocolate Collection

Caffeine Compilation

Vegan Variations

On Sale!!

Make your business undeniably delicious

For over a decade Yogurt Powder Factory has been manufacturing top quality frozen yogurt powder mixes for clients around the world. Whether you are just starting up a kiosk on the beach or are a well established chain, we are here to make sure you thrive and profit with our frozen yogurt powder mixes and vegan soft serve powder bases. Your success is our business with our frozen yogurt and vegan soft serve powders which are made for the following types of food service businesses…
  • froyo and vegan soft serve
  • smoothies and milkshakes
  • boba and bubble tea
  • microbreweries and beverages
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